THE BULLETIN OF THE DNIPROPETROVSK UNIVERSITY. SERIES: MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATIONS «European Journal of Management Issues» is an academic periodical that publishes results of scientific research by experts, academics, professionals and all those seeking scientific degrees in the development of theoretical–methodological methods in the innovations management, in the innovative development of the global economy, in the international innovation and scientific and technological exchange.

ISSN 2519-8564 (Рrint).
ISSN 2523-451X (Online).

Academic journal was founded in 1993The series was founded in 2012.

Journal was renamed in 2017 year from the title: The Bulletin of the Dnipropetrovsk University. Series: Management of Innovations, ISSN 2414-956X (Online), ISSN 2409-7101 (Print).

English, Ukrainian, Russian.

The current frequency – 4 times a year.


Certificate of registration of print media КВ series 22627-12527ПР number of 15.03.2017.

The Journal is included in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine’s list of professional publications, which can publish theses for the national and international scientific degrees (PHD) (according to the Letter . 747 of 13.07.2015; №996 of 11.07.2017).
All papers in the Bulletin are assigned a DOI identifier.

Publisher: Oles Honchar Dnipro National University