Principles of integration marketing communication activity of the Ukraine exhibition companies

Keywords: creative contents, value, positioning, marketing communications, exhibition


Purpose – to expand theoretical idea of model functioning concerning the integrative principles of marketing communication activity of the Ukrainian exhibition companies.

Design/Method/Approach. This research used methods of comparison, systematization and generalization, the analysis of the peculiarity of exhibition services positioning, integrative methods in managing functions of the exhibition company, methods of digital marketing and web analytics in the context of an integrated understanding of conversion and modelling of marketing communications attributes.

Findings. The AIDAOUC(s) model of considering and communication support for the integration of interest, attention, wishes and interaction of stakeholders in space of partner marketing of the exhibition companies as improved.

Theoretical and practical implications. The theoretical aspects for positioning of exhibition services in the complex of integrative communication marketing are developed. Communication features which have exhibition services, and eight components of the integrated approach to their management on the basis of model 8Ps are reflected. The practical value is to define success rate for an exhibition action when implementing the AIDAOUC (s) models.

Social implications. The social value of research consists in strengthening of tolerance at interaction with consumers and marketing value at communication influence on target audiences. It can be provided due to the development of national identity and semantic features of a trademark or brand.

Originality/Value. The scientific novelty of research consists in taking into account the optimization of internal management influences updating capital assets the exhibition objects. There are changes in the distribution of funds in the budget in the complex of integrated marketing communications during the analysis of interests the wishes of the economic agents. Also the novelty consists in the communication support for promotion of services of the exhibition company for satisfaction of the target clients and stakeholders.

Research limitations/Future research. Prospects for further research is deepening the evaluation of interaction and interrelation determinants of elements of marketing communications during the system integration in virtual information space.

 Paper type – theoretical.


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Author Biographies

Serhii Kasian, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine

к.е.н., доцент, доцент

Kateryna Korablova, LLC Expo-center “Meteor”, Dnipro, Ukraine



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