Innovation-investment mechanisms of regulation of economic security of the state

Keywords: innovations, investments, theory, trajectory, development


Purpose – to formalize of innovative investment mechanisms for regulating the economic security of the state and to justify the prospects for their development on the basis of modern economic approaches.

Design/Method/Approach. The research used a systematic approach, general scientific methods of analysis and synthesis; the information basis of the research is the regulatory framework and reporting data of the State Statistical Service of Ukraine.

Findings. The content of innovation-investment mechanisms for regulating the economic security of the state is formulated as a set of forms, methods, instruments to stimulate the creation, introduction and promotion of product, technological, organizational, managerial and other innovations to the market in accordance with the strategic priorities of national security.

Theoretical implications. The research is the definition of priority innovative and investment mechanisms for regulating economic security: organizational, legal, financial, industrial and technological, personnel, expert-consulting.

Practical implications. The practical significance of the results of the research is the development of recommendations to the state administration bodies regarding the implementation of a set of economic and administrative measures aimed to protect the national interests of Ukraine in the sphere of recreating and preserving the domestic scientific, technological and technological potential.

Social implications. The social significance of the research results is manifested in strengthening the economic component of ensuring the citizens' constitutional guarantees for security, protecting their lives, health, honor, dignity and immunity by increasing the state's innovative investment potential.

Originality/Value. The originality of the article is to determine the tangent points of the theories of dependence on the trajectory of previous development and transaction costs that will facilitate Ukraine's exit from the institutional trap.

Research limitations. The limitation of the research is the imperfection of the method, the sampling of data, the inability to access certain innovative investment mechanisms in the analysis of the economic security of Ukraine due to the state secrets.

Future research. Prospects for further research are the development of the theory of transaction costs and its adaptation to the definition of foreign economic aspects of the state regulation of the national security.

 Paper type – conceptual.


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Author Biography

I. O. Steblianko, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Dnipro, Ukraine
д.е.н., доцент, завідувач кафедри економіки та управління національним господарством


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