Current state and development trends of labor potential in Zhytomyr region

Keywords: economically active population, labor resources, qualitative indicators, quantitative indicators, Ukraine


Purpose – to determine the current state and trends in the formation, development, use, and implementation of the labor potential in Zhytomyr region, and to provide recommendations related to its activation.

Design/Method/Approach. The methods applied in the study are theoretical generalization, reasoning, abstraction, analytical and economic-statistical.

Findings. The paper considers main perspectives and gives interpretation of such concepts as human resources, labor potential (in a country, region, at an enterprise). The indicators that characterize the employment potential of the society are outlined; their classification is given. A characteristic of labor potential is provided based on the level of the structure. It is elucidated how the magnitude of the employment potential of the region is formed; its quantitative and qualitative aspects are considered. The state of the labor potential in Zhytomyr region is analyzed based on the demographic component, including the dynamics of natural growth of people. We give summary indicators of labor potential and define a role of the educational component in the formation of labor potential based on the number of persons who attended educational establishments. The main indicators of activity of economic entities are considered, as well as the economic activity of people based on the level of education. The data obtained allowed us to draw conclusions and devise recommendations for improving the current situation.

Practical implications. Research results could be used when developing the proposals for effective formation and utilization of labor potential.

Originality/Value. We highlighted approaches to defining the concept of "labor potential" and "labor potential of the region" and assessed and analyzed the state of labor potential; recommendations are given regarding its effective formation and use.

Research limitations/Future research. It is planned to develop an efficient mechanism for the effective formation and utilization of labor potential both at the level of the region and an enterprise.

Paper type – сonceptual.


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Author Biographies

N. V. Valinkevych, Zhytomyr State Technological University, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of economics and entrepreneurship, Zhytomyr State Technological University, Zhitomir, Ukraine

K. E. Korbut, Zhytomyr State Technological University, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Postgraduate Student, Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship, Zhytomyr State Technological University, Zhytomyr, Ukraine


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