Dynamic Capabilities in the German financial services in-dustry

  • Tobias Oeser Horváth & Partners
Keywords: Dynamic Capabilities, innovation, financial services


Purpose. The purpose of this work is to investigate processes constituting to Dynamic Capabilities in companies of the German financial services industry.

Design/Method/Approach. Exploratory with a qualitative approach and a multiple case study method.

Findings. The results indicate a connection of Dynamic Capabilities and the dynamism of the environment. The actual Dynamic Capabilities seem to operate in business model related activities, such as distribution channels, but not in product development.

Theoretical implications. Suggestions are given for the development of a comparative measurement concept for Dynamic Capabilities. Furthermore, the inclusion of environmental dynamism in the research is emphasized.

Practical implications. Firms can use the structure of sensing, seizing and reconfiguration and apply the dimensions for the relational measurement to evaluate their innovation activities.

Originality/Value. Connections of Dynamic Capabilities to the environmental dynamism were found. Furthermore, the process lens of this research makes the theoretical concept of Dynamic Capabilities more graspable and gives suggestions for an operationalization.

Paper type - empirical.



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Tobias Oeser, Horváth & Partners


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