Age discrimination at work and some reflections from job ads: The case of Turkey

Keywords: age discrimination, aging, Turkey


Purpose – to analyze the situation of age discrimination at work and to give some reflections from job ads in the case of Turkey.

Design/Method/Approach of the research. This study presents a limited depiction of age discrimination occurring in Turkey by analyzing job ads.

Findings. One of the most critical demographic issues for the entire world, especially for the advanced world, is aging. It is essential as it necessitates some critical regulations that have economic and social consequences. During this aging trend, job seekers over a certain age in labor markets face age discrimination. Although many countries, both developed and developing, have some legal regulations against age discrimination, it remains a crucial form of discrimination. Where we can easily see this kind of discrimination is job ads. This study examined more than fifteen hundred job ads posted by İŞKUR, state-affiliated Employment Agency of Turkey, for the cities of Marmara Region of Turkey were examined. Nearly 20% of all job ads is indicating some statement for age limit.

Research limitations/Future Research. Although just the age value indicated by employers in the ads itself does not mean an absolute age discrimination rate, 20 % is a vital implication for that kind of discrimination, and also, this figure implies the need for detailed further studies.

Paper type – empirical.


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