Operation Algorithm of the Adaptive Mechanism for Managing the Strategy Implementation in Digital Business Environment

Keywords: adaptive strategy, digital environment, global digitalization of business


Purpose: To substantiate the elements of a complex mechanism for adaptive business strategies implementation and to develop an algorithm for its operation in a digital environment.

Findings: A hypothesis about the positive impact of global digitalization of business on the formation of an adaptive mechanism for managing the business strategy implementation. It is proved that in the digital environment the indicative tools and flexible methods of making managerial decisions are activated, the efficiency of functioning of the corresponding mechanisms increases. The author offers adaptive mechanism for managing the business strategy implementation in the conditions of digital environment, substantiates its components, determines the tools for environmental diagnostics, selection and implementation of adaptive strategies, and highlights the principles of operation and interconnection of the subsystems of the mechanism. The article reveals functions and tasks of the adaptive mechanism and offers the algorithm of its introduction in the conditions of the digital environment.

Practical Implications: The results of the study can be used in the practice of management of modern economic entities in order to ensure management decisions and strategic development in the context of global digitalization of business.

Originality/Value: For the first time, the author proposes the adaptive mechanism for managing the business strategy implementation in a digital environment and substantiates its components, functions, methods and tools.

Future Research: Risk management of adaptive strategies, indicative technologies of diagnostics of digital environment, systematization of world experience of strategic adaptive management.


Paper type: Theoretical


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