Analysis of Human Resource Management in The Administration of Food Barns during the COVID-19 Pandemic in East Java, Indonesia

Keywords: Human Resources, Management, Food Barn, East Java


Purpose: This study aims to analyze the evaluation of human resources in managing food barns and how to maximize human resources in managing food barns as a form of service to meet community needs during a pandemic.

Design/Method/Approach: The research method uses a literature review study design and a descriptive qualitative approaching method.

Findings: The results of the research show that in order to improve the effectiveness of human resources, it can be based on technology and information. As well as optimizing human resources, it can be done through trainings that require community and government participation.

Theoretical Implications: This study contributed especially in the existence of literature about the management of food barns in rural area during the time of economic crisis and COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Practical Implications: Rural area apparatus in the region of East Java, Indonesia must improve their skill about the information system to menage food barns not in traditional way.

Originality/Value: This study is diffrent from any other studies in term of human resources, this is because this study has a characteristic about the use of technological information on how to manage the food barns at the moment of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Research Limitations/Future Research: Further research to analyze options to optimize human resources in food barn management.

Paper type: Empirical


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