Development of IT outsourcing in Ukraine

Keywords: оutsourcing, information technologies (IT), outsourcing companies, governance, IT-infrastructure


Over the past 10 years IT outsourcing has attracted attention of professionals as a new successful business model that enables developing countries to take a rightful place in the world market. However, the potential of outsourcing of information services in Ukraine is not fully implemented as yet. Research of the Ukrainian IT–outsourcing industry will contribute to understanding the features, opportunities and risks of further development of this industry.

The purpose of writing this paper is to identify the trends of development of IT–outsourcing in Ukraine, to determine its place in the global market of information technology outsourcing, to develop recommendations for the expansion of IT–outsourcing in Ukraine. The study was carried out by using empirical methods: measurement, comparison, observation.

It was determined that the undisputed leader of the world market by the scope of IT–outsourcing is India. Its success encourages other developing countries to engage efforts to create a national industry of IT–outsourcing. Ukraine can also be called an active player in the global market of information technology outsourcing, which is one of the few sectors of the Ukrainian economy that under conditions of difficult economic and political situation in the country develops effectively. We listed positive trends that take place in the IT–outsourcing despite the critical state of the country. Negative tendencies in this area were identified, in particular low level of trust in Ukraine from the Western companies and we made a conclusion about possible negative impact of this factor on the volume of the market of IT–outsourcing. Solutions to the problems in this industry are proposed and attention is focused on providing strategic priority to the IT-–outsourcing.

The scientific novelty of the work consists in identifying trends and priorities for the development of IT–outsourcing in Ukraine during political and economic crisis. 

The practical value of the work lies in defining a guideline for the development of state policy in the area of IT. In addition, the obtained results can be used in further studies in the field of IT–outsourcing in Ukraine and in determining its competitive advantages compared to other countries, which have powerful sectors of the IT–outsourcing. Such research can serve as the basis for decision–making by the Western companies when choosing a country to transfer their IT technologies to.

Further scientific results are advisable to focus on determining the prospects of the development of free–lance in Ukraine and on the search for mechanisms of cooperation of Ukrainian and foreign partners in this field.


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Author Biographies

N. P. Meshko, Dnepropetrovsk National University of Oles Gonchar

д-р екон. наук, професор, завідувач кафедри менеджменту та туристичного бізнесу 

M. O. Yefremova, Dnepropetrovsk National University of Oles Gonchar
магістр спеціальності «Менеджмент зовнішньоекономічної діяльності» 


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